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Become an Immigration Agent

If you have a network to bring people who want to immigrate to Canada, we encourage you to become an agent for the office of E-West Immigration. Like many successful agents for our office - you will be entitled to a good commission rate.

Your position would be to refer persons to us, who are in need of my professional services in immigrating to Canada, or persons, who are being persecuted, or their life is at risk, we can represent them to stay in Canada, or to come to Canada.

Your responsibilities would include:

contacting members of your community, either in Canada, or in a country where you know persons, regarding immigration

entering into a relationship, with other persons, who in turn could refer clients to me

advertise in newspapers, and internet that you can help persons immigrate to Canada, or seek refugee protection, if they are being persecuted

Examples of immigration services we do, include:

skilled worker

business class such as investor, entrepreneur or self-employeed

family sponsorship

work/study, or visit Canada

Email our office and explain how you would like to become an agent by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it